Retailer Insights: Kroger Unveils 2020 Food Trends, New Podcast

28th January 2020

Picking the brains of the chefs, food experts and product developers behind its roster of private brands like Simple Truth, Kroger and Private Selection, Kroger released a list of food trend predictions for the year ahead and debuted a new podcast called “Noshtalgia.” The company said the food predictions reinforce the grocer’s mission to provide fresh foods … Read More

Retailer Insights: Kroger and Walgreens extend pilot program 1.20.20

28th January 2020

A pilot program has started in Blount County with Kroger and Walgreens bringing the grocery chain’s products to the pharmacy chain’s stores and vice versa. The companies announced jointly in August that customers had reacted favorably to the grocer’s “Restock Kroger” pilot project and to Walgreens’ participation in the Kroger Express pilot plan conducted in … Read More

Retailer Insights: Bed Bath Beyond 1.21.20

28th January 2020

Once the golden child of big-box stores, Bed Bath & Beyond is now struggling to stay afloat.The retailer will shutter 44 stores across eight states in the next year as it attempts to course-correct in the wake of disappointing sales and executive turmoil. Sourced from

Retailer Insights: Target 1.16.20

16th January 2020

The holiday season did not turn out to be a blissful one for Target Corporation TGT with sales coming in below expectations. The disappointing performance compelled this Minneapolis, MN-based company to trim fourth-quarter fiscal 2019 comparable sales growth forecast. The company informed that its key seasonal merchandise categories witnessed challenges throughout November and December period. … Read More

2020 Personal-Care Insights: Skin Care Trends

12th January 2020

There’s no denying that the past few years have been huge for skin care. However, according to our sources, 2020 is bound to be bigger, better, and more innovative than ever. Here, Allure breaks down the ingredients, tools, and trends that you need to know. Sourced from

2020 Healthy & Sustainability Lifestyle Insights: Supplement Trends

12th January 2020

As 2019 comes to an end, we’ve identified several current supplement trends that are likely to impact the industry throughout the next year, including industry trends, trending health supplement ingredients, and treatment approaches. Here are the top dietary supplement market trends to look out for in 2020. Sourced from

Retailer Insights: A Look Into What’s Next

12th January 2020

2019 comes at a time when the retail industry has just enjoyed a record-breaking holiday buying season at the end of 2018. Past the holidays and changes in consumer behavior, however, may either be a boon or an obstacle, depending on how quickly the retailer can adapt. Whatever the case, technological and social shifts are … Read More

2020 Tastemakers Insights: Food & Beverage (College Chefs)

12th January 2020

From designer smoothie bowls to meat-flavored chips, late 2018 and early 2019 has already been an adventure for foodies. If we could say, this year has already been pretty damn delicious. Whether you are someone who loves to try out the new food trends or someone who just wants to give their regular diet routine … Read More

2020 Home Insights: Appliances

12th January 2020

The most in-demand kitchen appliances combine both form and function—sleek, modern looks and smart, trend-forward features. More than ever, homeowners expect appliances to offer customizable capabilities to meet, but not complicate, busy lifestyles. Those features must come without sacrificing style. Here’s a look at four trends to expect in the new year to meet design … Read More

2020 Tastemakers Insights: Food & Beverage

12th January 2020

The food and beverage industry is on the brink of a major shift, with consumers worldwide watching…and participating. This is why the industry desires — and needs — to garner and maintain interest in products amid spurring health studies, economic ebbs and flows, safety updates, and regulatory developments.  Linked are the top 10 food and … Read More