We spent years playing in other people’s sandboxes and now we built our own.
In our box we build castles, bring your pail and join our fun.

Our Passion & Mindset matches the reckless abandon of a 5-year-old at recess, and our knowledge and integrity are that of aged professionals. We challenge each other to bring the best solutions to our clients that push boundaries.

CIBA is the brainchild of our CEO Brad Bock, who invited his friends, former colleagues, and acquaintances to what now seems like one on-going play date. He knows our strengths, work ethic, and the beauty of bringing together a diverse team from a variety of backgrounds.

Category Management

Brad B.
CEO & Chief Insights

 Braxton H.
Category Analyst

Molly L.
Category Captain

 Julia B.
Category Analyst

 DeAnne D.
Category Insights & Data Analyst

Ryan A.
CTO (Power BI & Azure)

Todd B
Website Guru

Larry D.
Metadata Scientist

Trusted Partners and Extended Teammates

Red Lime

CIBA Solutions

CIBA Solutions
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