I am very proud to have worked as the Category Captain on Mrs. Meyers this past 3 years and helped launch the private label brand Everspring at Target.

Hand soap is, of course, having a moment.

At my local Target last week, stockpilers loading up on Purell, toilet paper, and dried beans had also picked the hand soap aisle practically clean. (A number of grocery stores have since enacted limits on how many items individual shoppers can buy at one time.) As someone who reflexively reaches for Mrs. Meyer’s more by force of habit than a conscious decision, I wondered how many others intentionally chose the brand for their quarantine soap of choice, bypassing the utilitarian workhorses in doing so. I had to imagine a band of wild-eyed, panicked shoppers flooding the soap section, only to pause and consider whether they wanted their quarantine to have notes of rosemary, basil, or oat blossom.

Sourced from Vox