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Our inTEL Reports are scaled to hit the sweet spot for vendors and priced to be accessible to new startups and experienced vendors alike. Armed with this verified information, you’ll be able to craft relevant strategies and draw out meaningful, actionable insights that you can put to use right away – without spending hours or days fighting with raw data.

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Vendor inTEL Reports

Hand-crafted insights for vendors.

We get it – data can be slippery. Sourcing quality data is challenging, and bringing data from different sources into alignment can set brains spinning.

CIBA Solutions curates our proprietary Vendor inTEL Reports using recent data about top brands, new trends, share of market, seasonality, and ratings for products in common categories. The reports simply and clearly present the data vendors need to build a strategy and sell in their product story.

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“The world is awash in data. Partnering with CIBA is the quickest way to harvest that data into useful intelligence.”

– Vendor for CPG company

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