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CIBA Solutions Services

Objectivity and Partnership.

Whether you are a retailer or a brand, our job is to make your life easier and help you win in the marketplace. We are completely independent of the influence of any other company, so you can trust us to use our skills objectively and give you the unvarnished truth – along with insights to maximize your opportunity given the facts. Learn more about our philosophy and the services we provide in key roles.

inSITE Proprietary Software: Our (and now your) secret weapon

Meet inSITE, our proprietary analytics tool. Using metadata derived from retailer, syndicated, OMNI channel and consumer data as fuel, it takes reporting to a new level by generating actionable insights – for example, quantifying the missed opportunity in dollars of being out of stock of a product.

Customizable to your need and serving up what you need at a glance via intuitive dashboards, inSITE will soon be your favorite way to identify opportunities.

Category Insights

Understanding shoppers on a deep level is the most important thing you can do when shaping a category. This is where our process sets us apart – we build a category story FIRST, before we ever talk about products or shelf space.

Our Philosophy

We see consumers as people first, and use lots of face-to-face interactions to get insights that might be missed in a data dump. We also use data to validate and direct our work. Then we find new ways to present insights so you aren’t zoning out to another bar graph.

Tactics & Services

  • Marketplace comparisons
  • Consumer panels
  • Shopalongs
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Trendspotting

Shopper and Market Analysis

No one perspective can tell a complete story. That’s why CIBA believes in working with multiple sources to provide you with the best possible shopper and market analysis.

Our Philosophy

We love data in all its forms – qualitative and quantitative – and use it to illuminate a path forward. We use our own sources, as well as curated and trusted sources we know how to interpret, informed by deep experience in key categories.

Analysis Data Sources

  • IRI and IRI Panels
  • Nielsen marketplace data and panels
  • Numerator marketplace data (for retailers only)
  • Research credits
  • Field agents and third-party shoppers
  • CIBA-recruited customer panels

Transition Execution & Insights

We give you the perspective you need for a successful execution – the big picture, the individual pixels, and everything in between. And we do the heavy lifting of managing the work. Keeping it all straight takes dedication, experience, and fierce accountability – which happen to be core values of CIBA.

Our Philosophy

We find opportunity wherever it may be. We think outside the box, or come up with a new box with ideas on new ways to position products and connect what you are doing to what your customer needs. And we maximize sales, sweat the details, and help manage inventory – the whole package.

Tactics & Services

  • Smart facings and inventory holding
  • Store segmentation and strategy (SMIT)
  • Anchor planogram creation
  • Buyer/space planner coordination
  • Transition reporting and micro revisions
  • Category review
  • Creative merchandising ideation

Reporting & Analysis

Just reporting statistics is not actionable. To make smart decisions, you need context, insight, foresight, and guts.

Our Philosophy

We work smarter AND harder, using the automation of inSITE to work efficiently and focusing personal attention where needed. We calculate forward-looking data to help inform inventory decisions and show how tweaks can affect sales using metadata and segmentation data.

Tactics & Services

Historical reporting

  • Weekly reporting
  • Subclass, brand and item ranking
  • Marketplace share and seasonality

Forecasting reporting

  • Space Wars reports
  • Marketplace weekly share opportunities
  • Metadata predictions
  • Profitability maximization by pricing

“CIBA’s reporting tools have helped our team quickly find the deeper insights that drive more strategic action at stores.”

– Director of Sales

Case Study

Airline rule changes signal opportunity for baggage

By being in tune with our category, we saw that changes to airline rules meant more checked bags. And checked bags need to be more durable. From that insight, we helped a client develop a new product mix including a slew of innovative hardside luggage that balanced the need for space and convenience with something strong enough to take some knocks.

How can we help you win today?

Want to hear more? We’d love to connect in person. Category management is a relationship business, and once you hire us, you’re going to see a lot of us. So let’s take the first step on a long, productive partnership!

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