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Vendor Advisorship

Building brand stories and strategies with data.

Keeping your brand on point with the latest trends. Finding compelling stories to move retailers to put your new product on shelves. Validating that you have your deserved share of market. These are benefits brands and manufacturers get from retaining CIBA Solutions as a vendor advisor. Our decades of experience and skill turning data into insights are your secret weapon in the retail ring!

A scope that adapts to your needs

CIBA Solutions has the raw skills. You make the call how they are used. Every one of our vendor advisorship relationships looks different and is tailored to the unique needs of our client. Here are some of the types of vendors who benefit from working with us.

Start-ups and small businesses.
Got a great product, but not sure how to get it into more stores? Our data and strategic guidance will help.

Established manufacturers.
When you make a wide range of products, knowing what’s hot and what’s not will help you rationalize your product lineup.

Brands entering a new category.
Branching out? We’re here to grow your knowledge. We specialize in brands moving into natural and organic categories.

inTEL Vendor Reports

Get quality data about key consumer product categories in our Vendor inTEL Store. These high-level reports are the perfect way to get validated information to help tell your story.

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Case Study

Helping frozen waffles get hotter

A local waffleteer is on a mission to transform how Americans experience waffles – but they needed to reach them first! After finding success with one grocery chain, we helped the emerging waffle company position its products, identify the gap in other retailers, and catch fire by finding their way into the freezers of more grocery chains.

Key Services as a Vendor Advisor

Category Insights

Helping you understand the landscape for your product and what’s happening at retailers. We perform marketplace analysis, consumer panels, shopalongs, trendspotting, surveys, and more to provide detailed and actionable insights driven by your customer.


We keep our finger on the pulse of a wide range of categories, looking out for what’s blowing up just under the surface. We are always on the lookout for what’s hot and new, keeping a close eye on both market-making online retailers and the trend-setting niche markets.

Reporting and Analysis

Our proprietary inSITE software helps us turn a firehose of data into insights and a forecast. Understanding what is happening in your category, at your competitors, and online is key to positioning your products.

New Brand Launches

Even the newest brand can go in like a pro. We can help you with strategy, positioning, data analysis, and more.

Strategy Development

Go beyond the data and tap into our years of experience in the retail world to position yourself to grow. We know how vendors find success with retailers. We can help you create a strategy to expand, protect your share of market, or launch a brand.

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“Without CIBA we wouldn’t be where we are today. The capabilities, know-how, and team are unmatched within the industry. I finally feel like we have a partner that gets it!”

– Major national vendor

Case Study

STEM Toys Insights

A national toy brand wanted insights on how consumers shop for STEM toys, but wanted to get beyond the numbers. We enlisted our consumer panel to visit retailers, giving insights as they shopped the category, providing first hand commentary and photos you could see – not just another chart.

How can we help you win today?

Want to hear more? We’d love to connect in person. Category management is a relationship business, and once you hire us, you’re going to see a lot of us. So let’s take the first step on a long, productive partnership!

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