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The CIBA Solutions Story

Decades of Experience, One Focus.

CIBA was founded by CEO Brad Bock, an industry veteran who assembled a crack team of big thinkers, number-crunchers, and boundary-breakers who make a full day of hard work feel like one big pep rally. We zero in on every detail, offer new ideas you never thought to ask for, and basically do everything we can to make the people we work with into retail rock stars.

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Our Purpose and Values

Everyone at CIBA approaches your business with a zealous thirst for success and maintains a personal stake in the results. We are retail thrill-seekers aiming high on your behalf, seeking and forging winning strategies. Through our suite of cutting-edge industry tools, we investigate every nuance of your business, research the opportunities, and tailor a dynamic solution customized for you.

CMA Certified because of course we are!

The Category Management Association is the premiere organization supporting the interests and advancement of our industry. They also provide certification to set and uphold the highest standards of expertise in the field – and we’re proud to say that multiple CIBA Solutions pros hold this certification and are ready to put their expertise to work for you!

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Hands-on. In-person.

We believe in the importance of relationships and the value of tangible insights. We build lasting relationships with our clients that go beyond the transaction. We feel their challenges deeply and act like a friend, offering support and loyalty.

We also are firm believers in the physical planogram and in-person meetings. There’s no better way to visualize a strategy and fine tune it to perfection.

“In addition to being great thought partners and collaborators, the CIBA team brings a fun and positive energy to our total team dynamic.”

– Buyer at a major retailer

Meet Brad Bock, founder and CEO

Why did you start CIBA?

Because after years in the field, I saw a space for a more objective, professional, and elevated version of category management, independent of sales objectives and corporate influence.

What do you like about Category Management?

I love that in Category Management we get to represent the shopper. We get to discover their desires and ensure they have a voice to what brands and items we bring into stores, all backed up by data and measurable consumer insights.

What sets CIBA apart from your competitors?

We are truly unbiased – we are NOT a manufacturer representative and don’t take commissions. We have our own software that creates new types of data and brings insights to life. Our team is second to none, with diverse skills that make us unstoppable.  And our POG room and technology allow collaboration that’s off the charts.

Why Category Management?

Many people in retail don’t realize just a few decades ago there was no category management. Reps for big brands engaged in free-for-all fights over shelf space. Pushy sales tactics were their weapons, and stores were their battlefields.

Category Management put rigor behind what went on the shelves. Today, using powerful technology and insights, unbiased, independent CIBA helps our clients make the most efficient and most profitable use of every inch of store space by understanding the shoppers’s needs and the client’s goals.

Join our team

We are always looking for smart, passionate people with retail planning experience. Dataheads, creative types – we want you! Send us your resume and let’s talk.

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