At CIBA, it’s more than a job; it’s personal, it’s about being changemakers. Because, honestly, what’s the point in doing anything if it won’t make a difference?

As changemakers, we collaboratively dig in to understand your situation, ask an obscene amount of questions, look for patterns in the data around us, identify the complications, and relay actionable solutions to grow your company.

By getting to the bottom of consumer desires … WHAT they want, WHEN they want it, and HOW they shop … we can think big and develop strategies focused on the consumer that push the limits of retail.

Powerful Analytics

At CIBA, we look beyond numbers; POWERFUL ANALYTICS is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data. The process of applying those patterns towards effective decision-making is absolutely critical for you, our retail partners. So let us do all the nerdy work for you … from statistics to operations research, this is our happy place.

Branded Product Partners:

  • Receive insightful recommendations based on real data
  • Learn about innovative trends and relevant regional products

Grocery & Retail Store Partners:

  • Item sales forecasting
  • Optimize your store inventory and ROI merchandise recommendations and suggested ordering

Industry and Consumer Insights

Your CIBA team understands the power of creating business opportunities backed by INDUSTRY and CONSUMER INSIGHTS. We will help you delve into your customer’s mind through innovative research methods. Our fresh approach to unearthing the qualitative and quantitative data that’s relevant to you allows us to deliver unique and actionable insights that drive business:

Branded Product Partners:

  • Focus groups that play with or taste your products

Grocery & Retail Store Partners:

  • Understand your shopper through thoughtful guest research:
    • Demographically-focused surveys
    • We shop with your customers to discover what they are really thinking
    • Find out what your guests want more of or they think you should toss

At CIBA, we combine art and science into retail solutions that provide you with the strategy and tactics to influence change. That’s what we would have said if we were still in corporate, but we left that world so we could stop blowing smoke. The less fluffy version of that statement is: whether you’re trying to launch a new product into the already congested consumer space or you’re a boutique grocer looking to grow your bottom-line and better connect with your guests, we are here to make that happen.

And company size truly does not matter to us; our mission is to work with everyone from mom-and-pop start-ups to national retailers so you can compete with the big dogs. We’ve worked for Fortune 500 companies and the major retailers of the world, and now we want you to benefit from that experience. No smoke. No mirrors. Just a genuine partnership to help you grow your business.

Branded Product Partners:

  • Find out what’s going on with your competition and how that effects you
  • Receive customized research on your brand health and how to move forward
  • inTEL Reports – 24/7 access to relevant industry insights and trends

Grocery & Retail Store Partners: 

  • Increase your sales and positive guest experiences with deliberate product placement
  • Create merchandising strategies that drive meal solutions and build larger baskets
  • Successfully take on your competition while building traffic
  • End-cap display solutions that will light up your cash registers
CIBA Solutions

CIBA Solutions
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