Everyone at CIBA approaches your business with a zealous intent for success and maintains a personal stake in the results.  We are retail thrill seekers aiming high on your behalf, pushing towards winning strategies.  Through our suite of cutting-edge industry tools, we investigate every nuance of your business, research and tailor a dynamic solution customized for you.

The investigation includes a comprehensive understanding of your category, the marketplace, the emerging trends and brands, how that applies to specific retailers and omni distribution channels.  Once we make ourselves experts in your realm, we aim for crushing results. Is your online distribution expanding? How do you forecast for orders, production, budgeting? Our tools and experiences drive your business forward, ensure you stay ahead, and lead the way.

Formidable Analytics

The sky’s the limit – the galaxy is your oyster – want to drive cross channel sales, secure more store distribution, conduct research, utilize customized software–all tailored to support growth in your business?  See the FREE Demo of amazing antics available now….features include seasonality curves, lost sales opportunities, expanded assortment evaluation all at the flip of a switch.

Focus Group & Survey

Your CIBA team understands the power of creating business opportunities backed by INDUSTRY and CONSUMER INSIGHTS. We will help you delve into your customer’s mind through innovative research methods. Our fresh approach to unearthing the qualitative and quantitative data that’s relevant to you allows us to deliver unique and actionable insights that drive business.

Proprietary Software

Create quick visual representations of what the business is doing right now.  Change the viewpoint, timeframe, or product and watch as the visuals update instantly.

The expansive software saves hours of data compilation, chart generation, and inconclusive valuations each week.  Results are updated instantly reflecting desired frame of reference.

Retailer Consulting

The process – our superhero Analyst & Trend watchers fully immerse themselves in a digital, print, marketplace data evaluations to establish trends, new products, viability of market changes and current business news.  When saturated with information, a tailored solution matching areas of opportunity to untapped business solutions is detailed for the retailer, by brand and product.  CIBA is always directing partners to action.

CIBA Solutions

CIBA Solutions
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